Limassol Cyprus – More Than Just a Holiday Resort

At 34.87 square kilometres, the Limassol district occupies almost an eighth of Cyprus’s total landmass. You could be forgiven for thinking that the exciting and vibrant resort city was actually the country’s capital but that honour goes to the inland city of Nicosia. Both a bustling resort and a busy centre of commerce, Limassol attracts large numbers of tourists to what is arguably some of the best beaches and hotels on the island.

Steeped in history and culture

You shouldn’t be surprised to discover that there are countless historical sites in and around Limassol and that many of them date back to ancient times. From churches and mosques to archaeological digs, there is even a whole ancient cliff-top city called Kourion, complete with a Roman amphitheatre and excavated bathhouses. In fact, the Limassol area is littered with castles and ancient Byzantine churches.

Many celebrity visitors have visited the town over the years one of the most notable being King Richard (the lion heart) himself who dropped by during the crusades. He came to rescue his bride to be and took possession of the whole island while he was about it. The many forts including Kolossi Castle date back to the Knights Templar and they were mainly used to control the rich wine producing area around Limassol. The world-renowned Commandaria wine is still made in the region to this day and you will be pleased to know that there are plenty of wine tasting stop-offs during the many “wine trail” tours that visit the area.

A fabulous holiday resort

With more beaches than you could possibly get to during one visit and what is purported to be the longest promenade (seven-mile strip) in the Mediterranean area, Limassol is the perfect place to visit while on your Cyprus holiday. Miles of golden sand and safe family bathing are complemented by a vibrant nightlife, street cafes, and some of the best shopping on the island. The Fasouri Waterpark located about ten minutes’ drive from the centre of the town is the newest in Cyprus and provides a fun packed day out for children and adults alike.

The seafront area boasts more five-star hotels than you can shake a stick at and there is also plenty of reasonably priced accommodation for families that fancy a nights stopover on a budget. There are two marinas including a recent multi-million Euro redevelopment of the old port that provides trendy eateries and designer label shopping. Talking of shopping; if your holiday isn’t complete without a fix of retail therapy, the Limassol Mall offers everything from air-conditioned shopping at major chain store outlets and dining to ten pin bowling and an ice rink.

Plenty to see and do in Limassol

As you may imagine, there is enough to see and do in the Limassol area to keep you coming back there time and again. From the mighty Kouris Dam and Limassol’s own castle to the ancient seventh century buried city of Amathus, there is more than enough to keep even the most intrepid of explorers entertained.  Located right at the foot of the Troodos Mountains, the city is also the perfect base from which to explore a lot more of the island.

Getting to Limassol doesn’t have to be a stressful affair either because along with the rest of South Eastern Cyprus, Limassol is serviced by a modern coastal highway system that is the envy of many other European countries. While there is the obligatory increase in traffic volumes during the morning and afternoon commute, even then, the roads are a pleasure to use and hold-ups are rare.

Enjoy Limassol

Friendly secluded bars, restaurants, and trendy pavement cafes provide an alternative to the lively nightlife that can be found all along the city’s main strip. Whatever kind of holiday you enjoy from lounging in the sun to exploring local culture and history, Limassol will provide you with a trip to remember for all the right reasons

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