New Driving laws in Cyprus as of 1st October 2020 – What You Need to Know

One of the great things about the sunny island of Cyprus is that it is one of the few places in the world where it is still a pleasure to drive. Miles of minor routes combine with easy access to a modern highway network to make driving a truly enjoyable experience. One of the best ways to experience all that Cyprus has to offer is to book a Cyprus rental car for at least a few days of your holiday.

Staying appraised of the driving laws in Cyprus

As of October 2020, the road traffic laws in Cyprus have received something of an “overhaul” which has led to the need for some clarification should residents and holiday motorist not wish to fall foul of the new rules. Much of the new legislation has been put into place to address the many gaps which existed in how fixed penalties have been enforced in the past. It is no secret that loopholes leading to unpaid fines have been costing the Cyprus treasury dearly.

The only way is up

Humorous anecdotes aside, virtually all financial and judicial penalties have been substantially increased, as have the cumulative penalties for the late payment of fines. Amazingly, it is only on closer examination of the amended penalties that it is discovered just how many traffic misdemeanours were not included in the previous statutes! For example, while there was never any ambiguity concerning parking violations, errant drivers were, it now appears, gleefully driving around in un-roadworthy vehicles without insurance, road tax or even MOTs.

An innovative way to encouraging prompt payment of fines

Along with the general hike in the cost of fines and filling in the glaring omissions in the traffic laws, the main thrust of the changes seems aimed at encouraging miscreants to cough up more promptly. This is likely to be highly successful thanks to the fact that fines which remain unpaid 30 days after being issued attract a whopping 50% increase!

Why losing your car could be a real possibility

Some offences such as no valid insurance, drink driving and refusing to provide a breath test could even get your vehicle impounded which could mean you end up having a difficult conversation with the rental company. Leave it parked in the wrong place or abandon it and the police will happily tow it away for you and provide you with a substantial bill for the pleasure.

Steering clear of penalty points and jail time

While those untaxed and uninsured vehicles we mentioned earlier are now likely to attract fines of between 85 and 300 euros, speeding by anywhere over 30% of the limit and drink driving comes with fines and penalty points. Anything over 71 mg/100 ml breath test will win you an arrest followed by a trip to the Cypriot courts which I am told is not an altogether pleasant experience. Meanwhile, reckless driving, legging it from an accident scene and driving whilst “doped up” is almost guaranteed to gain you a room at the Nicosia Hilton (City Prison).

Staying informed and out of trouble on Cyprus’s roads

With straightforward parking violations now costing a minimum of 100 euros, it makes perfect sense to stay abreast of the Cypriot driving laws. The good news is that here at Cyprus Sun Holiday Rentals, while we can’t offer advice about the Cyprus driving laws, we can take care of all your holiday villa and apartment rental needs. So call us now and take the first step towards your perfect Cyprus holiday.

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