Black Pearl Pirate Ship

Get On Board the Black Pearl for Some Piracy off the Coast of Agia Napa

Landlubbers of all ages and seafaring abilities are being press-ganged into service on a ship anchored-up in Agia Napa harbour. Don’t panic, however, because your children aren’t about to be kidnapped for a life on high seas. It’s all in the good cause of some great holiday fun on the sun-filled Cyprus resort.

Take an authentic sea voyage aboard the Black Pearl

To say that the Black Pearl is an authentic pirate ship would be nothing short of a colossal understatement. Sitting at anchor and looking ship-shape in her berth at Agia Napa harbour, the fully rigged galleon is ready to sail on a daily basis. From the sails and rigging to the gangplank and working ships cannons, the Black Pearl provides an authentic seafaring voyage that will make your Cyprus holiday a truly unforgettable one.

Voyage under Captain Jack himself

Every conscript onto their voyage onboard the Black Pearl bar none, always takes more than a second glance at her Captain. You are going to think that it really is Jack Sparrow (Johnny Depp) himself at the helm, or at least his twin brother. The locals’ reckon that his predecessor got himself so immersed in the part that he still thinks he is the real Captain Jack! You may even spot him on the harbour wall still dressed for the part keeping his watchful eye over the Pearl as you depart on the morning tide.

Ships grub for all hands on board the Black Pearl

Life on board the Pearl includes a tasty barbecued meal washed down with plenty of grog and other less potent beverages for them there younger mariners. All sailors have the Captain’s express permission to “knock it all back” smartly in a shipshape and orderly fashion leaving plenty of time for the exciting business of pirating on the high seas.

Cannon fire, walking the plank, and a dip in the sea

Leading hands of all ages are likely to be conscripted onto the gunnery deck to help the Captain put the frighteners up any lily-livered boat trippers that stray into your path. There will further be a great deal of above and below deck competitions with prizes for the winners and a possible walk along the plank for the losers. Don’t worry about taking a dip, however, because you won’t be on your own. The rest of your motley shipmates will be more than happy to join you for a refreshing dip after a hard day of swashbuckling and cannon firing.

Saving your memories of the Black Pearl voyage

What better way to get your hands on some pirate treasure than in the form of memories of your amazing day on board the Black Pearl. You can be sure that there will be plenty of take-home photo opportunities for pirates young and old with Jack and the other members of his loyal crew.

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