A Few of the Many Good Reasons Why You Should Choose a Cyprus Wedding

If an average of 320 sunny days every year wasn’t already enough to convince you that Cyprus is a great place for weddings, read on to discover why the beautiful Mediterranean island is one of the top places to tie the knot. From more beaches than you can shake a stick at to some of the most beautiful and remote venues, Cyprus has much to offer marrying couples and honeymooners.

The island’s location and connections with so many European countries also make marriage there accessible to many different nationalities. There is no shortage of companies from tour operators to specialist wedding coordinators that can provide the perfect wedding package tailored to suit you. You get to decide how much or how little of your big day you want them to help you with.

Cyprus – the original love island

If you are looking for the original love island you need look no further because Cyprus is the actual birthplace of Aphrodite Goddess of love and physical rapture. According to Greek Mythology, she came ashore on the island via a giant clamshell immediately after her creation.  Without going into the somewhat gory details of how she came into being (after all this is a family friendly blog) suffice to say it involved some body parts that were extracted from the God Uranus and mixed with sea foam. Hence the Greek name Aphros or “foam” translating into “deity of foam” or Aphrodite.

Anyway, enough history already, all you really need to know is that Cyprus is the genuine island of love and romance. So we can’t imagine anywhere more appropriate to get married or even renew your wedding vows. What better way to begin your married life than by committing your love and devotion to each other on the one and only island of love.

Trusting in the wedding experts

If you think logically, it makes perfect sense to hold your wedding in Cyprus because thousands of happy couples have already done just that. This means you will be placing your trust in the hands of the undisputed wedding experts. From choosing the venue for your ceremony and transport to planning how you celebrate on the big day, the Cyprus marriage experts have all the wedding day experience you are likely to need.

While most of the leading tour operators actually provide Cyprus wedding packages, there is also the option to deal directly with the very same coordinators and planners that they use. These helpful and friendly local businesses are operated by individuals who have a genuine desire to help couples make the most of what Cyprus weddings have to offer. After all, they are living and working on the island of love and romance, so some of it is bound to rub off on them too.

A huge choice of Cyprus wedding themes and venues

Whether you choose to celebrate your Cyprus wedding with a religious ceremony or you have something more adventurous in mind, the Cyprus weddings experts will have access to whatever you need. From a dream beach wedding or a secluded garden venue to a quaint private chapel in the grounds of a luxury hotel, you can tie the knot virtually anywhere that appeals to your personal taste.

Traditional Cyprus buses, open-topped double deckers, and even a privately chartered schooner are all available to you and your guests at prices that you will find pleasantly surprising. Your dream Cyprus wedding in the sun has the potential to be anything that you want it to be and the only limit is your imagination.

Where to stay

When you choose to marry in Cyprus you are certain to want a great deal on the holiday accommodation that you choose for your family and friends who celebrate with you. From modern apartments that provide every amenity to fabulous villas with private pools that can accommodate large groups, there is a huge availability in locations all across the island.

Cyprus is ideal for weddings for so many reasons and we couldn’t cram them all into this one article. If you need any more convincing that the sunny island is the perfect marriage venue for you, check online or contact us using the details below.

For friendly and helpful advice concerning weddings, places to visit in Cyprus, or to book your holiday there, please contact us at Cyprus Sun Holiday Rentals, or call us on 00 357 2383 1194.

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