Exploring Troodos

If you are planning to take a holiday on the beautiful sun-kissed island of Cyprus you are probably looking forward to enjoying everything that the country’s fabulous resorts have to offer. Regular visitors to Cyprus would tell you, however, that there is a whole lot more to the Island and most of it is only a short drive away.

The Troodos Mountains cover a huge portion of Cyprus and they are an area of stunning natural beauty. They are home to a variety of indigenous wildlife and vegetation, much of which falls under the protection of a natural reserve. Dotted with pretty villages that have barely changed over several generations, they are also home to many traditional Cypriot crafts.

Experience the stunning scenery of Troodos Mountains

Winding along the twisting mountain roads by car or coach is only one way to experience the areas breath-taking beauty. Visitors to Troodos can park-up and explore the area via the dozens of official walks along well made and maintained paths. Routes are well signposted and they are suitable for walkers of all abilities whether you prefer a slow stroll or an organised trek deep into the countryside.

Cyprus is famous for its huge reservoirs and you will spot them on your way up the mountains. They are topped up every year by the melting winter snow and the waters cascade down the mountains via a series of spectacular waterfalls. Although they are situated a little off the beaten track, the access roads are well constructed and there is plenty of parking for both cars and coaches.

Explore the pretty Troodos villages

Places such as Lefkara are a must visit if you want to pick up something that has been handmade using traditional Cyprus lace. The area’s famous tablecloths have been exported all over the world. The renowned chocolate factory at Platres is also a popular stopping off point on the way up the mountains and the resident chocolatier has also carved himself a reputation with chocolate lovers from around the world.

Anyone who visits Omodos Village will understand straight away why it is described as the most beautiful village in Cyprus. No visit to Omodos would be complete without visiting some of the many shops that sell a huge range of traditional delicious Cypriot treats made from local dried fruits and other tasty ingredients.

Troodos Mountains – an all year destination

With winter temperatures on the Cyprus coast reaching 20 plus degrees C, it is often said that you could spend Christmas day morning skiing on the Troodos Mountains and the afternoon strolling on the beach. Many locals take their summer holidays in the mountains to escape the soaring temperatures and there are some very exclusive hotels up there. Some of these have accommodated the rich and famous from around the world in the days before there was any such thing as a beach resort holiday.

Winter snowfalls transform the highest mountain reaches into a ski slope and a modern ski lift operates throughout the season. The police often issue warnings to drivers during the heaviest snowfalls that only 4-wheel drives and vehicles using snow chains should venture up the mountains.

History and culture  

From the immaculately decorated Kykkos Monastery to dozens of ancient churches there is more than enough history to keep even the most avid history buffs happy. Visitors to the Troodos Mountains shouldn’t miss the chance to visit the constantly guarded tomb of Cyprus’s most beloved former president; Archbishop Makarios.


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