Mouth Watering Cyprus Bakeries

Now at one time if you were to say bakery to me my immediate thought would be ‘Greggs’, sausage cheese and bean pasty, mmmhh heaven in a bag.  Well let me re-educate you, you have never been to a bakery until you have visited one in Cyprus.  A bakery in Cyprus is a foodie’s paradise.

Now it is still a mystery to me why we have so many bakeries in relation to people and it would be a reasonable assumption to assume we much all carry extra pounds (weight not money), but this is certainly not the case.

Now I have to say I am very biased when it comes to bakeries and we all have our favourites for different reasons, however you can’t go wrong in Zorbas.  I’m not sure whether it was delight or disappointment that they built one so close to my house.  Imagine the torture of the smells of my favourite delights daily and having the will power not to indulge.

One thing to consider very carefully is the samples they offer, don’t be fooled into thinking they are being kind, they are luring you in to the delights. When I came to Cyprus my only vice was chocolate cake now I have to go into the bakery with my eyes closed or very focused on what I want.  The lure of the fresh warm cookies still on the baking tray is just too much for me to say no.

A bakery in Cyprus offers not just the usual things you would expect in a bakery for example bread, cakes and sandwiches, and pastries, but a whole dining experience.  Bakeries in Cyprus offer food for every meal.  For the health conscious they have yogurt and freshly cut fruit and salads, for those who have waited all year to indulge the delights are plentiful.  Pastries, huge sandwiches, cakes, biscuits, surely it would be rude not to try?

They also have a hot counter with all foods to take away or eat outside in the dining area.  Or as they call it “Modern food by professional chefs, cooked with love”. These range from the traditional moussaka and pastichio to chicken, rice dishes fish and a whole lot more.  You can wash it down with any of the traditional drinks you would expect to find in the fridge or they can make speciality coffees, hot and cold just the way you like them. After eating your meal for sure you will go back in for a delicious cake or ice-cream.  The best kind of takeaway, proper food you don’t have to cook, my idea of heaven. Make sure you sample some of the local dishes, they can give you small portions.

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