The Stardust variety Drag Show – The Best Family Night Out

If you have any preconceived ideas about variety drag acts you are in for one heck of a surprise when you visit the Octagon restaurant in Vrysoulles to see the amazing Stardust Variety Drag Show. This is family fun and entertainment at its best and the show has already gained an outstanding reputation with both locals and tourist alike.

Trip Advisor rates the show highly too and the cast and venue consistently receive the highest recommendations. The show is the dream child of seasoned entertainer Kieran who not only plays an active role in many of the sketches but is also both Stardust’s owner and director. Having come up through the ranks as a tourist industry entertainer, he always thought that there was a gap in Cyprus’s entertainment format for something completely different.

Making the most of what you have

One of the first things that strike you when you set off on your night out at Stardust is that unlike the host of karaoke venues and themed bars it isn’t located anywhere near a resort. In fact, Vrysoulles is a local Cypriot village located only a few miles from the British forces base and border crossing to the North at Agios Nicholas. Tucked away off the beaten track, the fact that it is so successful is another testament to the sheer determination and innovation of Kieran to bring his baby to life.

If you build it they will come!

You could be forgiven for thinking that walking around in the heat of high season in full drag costume is no laughing matter. That is unless you were one of the Stardust cast because that is exactly what drag queens Miss Roxxy, Misty Chance, and Bailey La Creame do most days of the week to promote the show on the resorts and in the hotels.

Along with transport from and back to the Islands South Eastern resorts, the venue also provides drinks and a meal in with the ticket price. The great news for Kieran and the girls (AKA boys) is that they have come up with a winning formula that has seen the shows reputation and popularity grow massively over the last few years

Being entertained by first class talent

The show’s catchphrase “the best looking girls in town are boys” is in no way an overstatement because the cast including the show’s director Kieran, are all professional performers in their own right. It is no secret that the shows outstanding success is due to the multi-talented cast who excel in everything from acting and comedy to vocals and dancing.

While the girls may come across as devas on the stage, the show doesn’t carry any passengers and they all put their hearts and souls into delivering what is undoubtedly the best night’s entertainment on the island. It is a one hundred per cent a family show and many of the rave reviews that Stardust receives cite it as the “highlight of the holiday”.



Paying it forward

The whole team at Stardust are dedicated to delivering a good time and nothing swells their hearts more than the sound of an audience’s raucous laughter. While they may not make a big deal of it themselves, their concern for others less fortunate extends to their generous support of MacMillan Cancer Support in the UK through merchandising, special events, and personal fundraising including Kieran’s two and a half marathons and a skydive.

With a whooping €12000.00 already donated to a range of charitable causes that include the local Cypriot cancer charity Pasykaf and a local animal shelter, they look forward to continuing their welcome and much-needed support. Above all else, Stardust is about making people smile and Kieran and the boys….. I mean girls, value their customers above all else because they appreciate that without your continued support there would be no show at all.

Finding out more about the Stardust Variety Drag Show

Booking for the evening show is easy when you visit the Stardust website at  You can also access booking from the Stardust Facebook page at

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