5 Helpful Tips When Packing For Your Holiday

Whether you are packing just for yourself or your whole family, you may already be dreading the thought of it and bracing yourself for some tantrums and hassle. It is a fact that we can all attest to that most of us invariably pack some items that we never wear or use. Efficient packing won’t just save you a lot of hassle, it will mean that there is more room in your luggage for the things that you really need.

In the following article, we take a look at our top five tips when packing for your Cyprus holiday. From making painful decisions about what to leave out and prioritising what to put in, we will help you to make the most out of your available luggage space. So if you have already started it may be time to take it all out, spread it on the bed, and start again from scratch with our Cyprus holiday packing tips.

  1. The one third rule

After you have packed your case, open it up again, lay everything out, and lose a third of what you had in there. Painful as it sounds, this method works time after time because we all pack a lot more than we need. From evening clothes and that one sweater just in case to more pairs of shorts than we could wear in a month let alone two weeks, there is always plenty to go at.

The key to your success in this endeavour is to be nothing short of ruthless in getting rid of that one third. Leaving out items that can be brought at reasonable prices on resort such as shampoo, sunscreen, and cosmetics will also go a long way towards improving your final pack. Asking yourself if you really need to pack your favourite tea, coffee, or other foodstuffs is another way to jettison a few extra kilos for many holidaymakers too.

  1. Establishing your packing order

The last thing to go into your case should be the first thing that you are likely to need when you unpack at your Cyprus accommodation and in most cases that should be a towel. If you are likely to arrive in the middle of the night or after dinner you may want to substitute that for your PJs. While there are more than likely a few variations on the theme, the basic idea is to pack in the reverse order that you would ideally like to unpack at the other end.

  1. Room for some more

When approaching the whole packing issue from a logical standpoint, it makes a great deal of sense to not use the full capacity of either your available luggage space or your baggage weight allowance. That is unless you are that one rare human being who doesn’t buy anything to bring back home with you. That includes gifts, souvenirs, and the odd bottle of your favourite tipple. The bottom line is that if your luggage is already packed to capacity, you are going to end up either leaving something behind in Cyprus or forking out for those excess kilos at the airport.

  1. Lock and roll

According to the famous Japanese de-cluttering expert Marie Kondo, you can drastically reduce the amount of home storage space you need by rolling some of your clothes instead of folding them.

The same applies to your luggage and rolling clothes allows you to pack items together in a way that uses up less space than folding would. It also creates more options in terms of using the available space and any gaps can be filled with underwear or other items that roll up really small.

  1. Sucking it up buttercup

The suitcase packers arch enemy is something as insidious as fresh air. Air gets trapped in folded and even rolled up clothes. The latest packing aid to take the travel accessory market by storm is the vacuum bag. After packing your clothes into these clever little airtight bags it is simply a matter of sucking the air out with nothing more complicated than your household vacuum cleaner or the special suction pump. Once deprived of the air pressure inside the bag, your clothes are literally squashed by the difference in the external pressure of the air.

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