Delicious Cyprus Ice Cream and Desserts

For most of us, one of the great things about our holidays is that we get the chance to put the diet on hold and enjoy the delights of the local food and drink. The sunny Cyprus climate lends itself ideally to enjoying a delicious range of ice cream and desserts. From traditional pickled fruits to more flavours of ice cream than you can shake a bouzouki at, visitors to Cyprus are spoilt when it comes to a well-deserved holiday splurge-out.

Sampling the traditional fare

Long before refrigerators arrived in Cyprus the sweet-toothed locals managed to preserve some of the abundances of summer’s fresh fruit to enjoy in the cooler winter months. No trip to the Troodos Mountains would be complete without a visit to one of the many shops that sell a wide range of traditional stewed and pickled fruits, sweets, and grape-related delicacies.

Ice cream mania

Ice cream is a booming industry in Cyprus and the only limit to the myriad range of connotations available is your own imagination. Whatever your favourite taste may be, there is likely to be an ice cream to suit. From basic Choco-chip and vanilla to Mars Bar and even chilli flavoured, there is an ice cream for virtually everyone.

This veritable feast of ice cream isn’t just limited to the dozens of resort-based parlours and kiosks either. Whatever time of the day or night the ice cream craving takes a hold, the great news is that most of the bakeries are open 24/7 and guess what? Yes, they also offer an eye-popping range of exotically flavoured ice creams, scrumptious cakes, and delicious desserts.

Desserts to die for

While ice cream is the ideal choice when you are relaxing on your sun lounger in the warm Cyprus sun, a delicious dessert is more likely to fit the bill when dining out. Don’t worry if you aren’t a fan of pickled fruit though because the resort restaurants have desserts to tempt even the most stoic of dieters into calorie heaven.

Just a cursory glance into the dessert cooler in most Cyprus restaurants will have you drooling. From double chocolate lava cakes and sticky toffee puddings to giant wedges of cake covered in fresh cream, you are destined to meet your gastronomic nemesis in a Cyprus restaurant sometime soon. Don’t despair however if you really can’t handle all those lovely calories because there is always the option of a nice healthy fresh fruit salad, juicy watermelon, or luscious strawberries and cream.

Cake, cake, and even more cake

Poke your head into one of the many bakeries that are spread around the holiday resorts and villages and you can’t miss the fact that the Cypriots just love their cakes. For them, the choice is the name of the game and only the strongest willed cakehole fillers are able to exit the premises without indulging themselves to some degree or another.

To say that the range of sweet sticky biscuits, cakes, and deserts on offer is stunning would be one humongous understatement.

There is everything from traditional Cypriot marble cakes (that actually don’t taste as sweet as they look) to logs and circular creations that have more chocolate in them than Willie Wonka’s factory.

Relax in style on the “dessert” island

Nothing goes down better while lounging the day away under the sunny Cyprus sky than a few scoops of your favourite well-chilled ice cream, some coffee and cake, or a delicious dessert. Whatever else you may want from your holiday, you can be certain that Cyprus will give your taste buds a treat to remember for years to come.

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