Cyprus Wine Trips

Whether you are a wine novice or an expert connoisseur, you are sure to be pleasantly surprised by Cyprus wine. From the bulk brands in the supermarkets to the vintages you will be offered on Cyprus wine trips, it all actually tastes rather good. In many other Mediterranean countries it is fair to say that the house wines and cheaper brands are probably more suited to putting over your chips than being poured down your throat, but not so with Cyprus wines.

Cyprus wine tours 

This beautiful Island has so much more to offer the inquisitive visitor than just some fabulous sun kissed beaches and sparkling crystal seas. Cyprus is famous for its wines (and other unique brews) with winemaking on the Island dating right back to 800BC with the world renowned Commandaria wine that is still made to this day using the same grape. In fact the part of Cyprus where this wine is made has come to be known as the Commandaria wine area. The name “Commandaria” dates back to the 12th century and the Crusades. It is said to be the oldest known wine that is still produced to the present day. At around 15% even before fortification, it has a potent kick to the uninitiated. The Commandaria wine tours take in an area from Kolossi near the coastal town of Limassol in the South, as far up as the Troodos in the North of the Islands interior .

Paphos Cyprus wine tours

Once they have traveled West beyond the Limassol area, visitors will find themselves well into the Islands main wine making region with the two most notable wine tours that begin and finish in the holiday resort town of Paphos.  Even from the coach or car it soon becomes apparent that the landscape of this fertile area lends itself well to the cultivation of the grape. These Cyprus wine routes offer some of the most breathtaking scenery that the Island has to offer, combined with a truly fascinating journey into what is probably one of the oldest and longest sustained industries on planet earth.

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If this article has wetted your appetite to find out more about Cyprus wines and wine tours, contact your booking agent or any of the many local tour operators situated on resort when you arrive on the Island.

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